Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day to my readers and friends.

As we celebrate our life together on Mother Earth, we are reminded of the directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Our body is nurtured by the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.  We, people of the earth, in turn have an obligation to care for our air, our world and our water by learning to harvest energy efficiently and to minimize pollution.

Our heart is nurtured by the love and encouragement we receive from family and friends.  We, in turn, brighten our world with caring, smiles, acceptance, inclusion, kind words, and helpfulness to one another in our family, social, and work environments.

Our mind is nurtured by the collective action of building community through economy and media.  We, in turn, strengthen our universal village by ensuring the rights of all to equality and justice are recognized and protected.

Our spirit is nurtured by ceremony and cultural traditions which celebrate our vision and unity under one Creator.   We, in turn, share the joy of connection by living our own life with love, humility, truth, and generosity.