Launch Ceremony for Website – June 13, 2018

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Heartfelt thanks are extended to the Board of CEASE: Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation in Edmonton for allowing me the opportunity to share the story of my manuscript and website in a public forum.  I was able to explain how the book came first – the four Seasons of Life which are available for reading.  The website was developed as a showcase for the books after I decided I would rather share my words than sell them.

My intent from the beginning was to help raise money for nonprofit agencies, such as CEASE, who work to help free young people from the clutches of addiction and sexual exploitation.  The option of finding a publisher felt rather tedious plus I did not want end up with a basement full of books to sell over the next few years.  So I moved directed to awareness.

My motivation for writing is two-fold:  (1) As I experienced various struggles in my life, I found it helpful to read of others on similar journeys.  In the same way, I hope my story can support some readers.  (2) As I’ve expanded my own awareness and sifted my learning over the years, some values and ideas seem worth emphasizing and repeating.  Just as individuals have the capacity to evolve in wisdom and understanding, we hope our countries too will develop.

My wish that be circulated, read, discussed, and used as a resource in educational programs to help expand consciousness in the name of dignity and equality for vulnerable citizens.  My hope is that readers will find value in my words and “pay it forward” by adding their own voices and donating to agencies such as CEASE who work with vulnerable youth.

Simple math is that if 200 readers share the website with 200 others, 40,000 new people are reached.  And if each of those new people share with another 200 each, we reach 8 million.  We can be part of a movement to ensure greater freedom, dignity, and real options for disadvantaged people.  We trust Creator will provide the energy to carry it further.

Thank you to all who support the rights of exploited women.  The cause is much bigger than my lone voice.  For those reading this first on Facebook, please also take time to review the website and the daily reflections published there in the Seasons of Life.  Your assistance in sharing the message is greatly appreciated.

(Photo credit: Mufty Mathewson)