Resilience ~ National Billboard Exhibition Project: June~August 2018

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Jamie Black         Untitled

she trained her fingers to untie  all the places she was bound     trained her attention on a leaf  its trembling at the touch of the wind                                        dancing                                             remembered



Today honors Resilience, the national Billboard project launched June 1st, 2018, which displays the artworks of 50 Indigenous artists on billboards coast to coast across Canada.  The exhibition will run to August 1st on 81 different billboards.  The idea was to take art out of the galleries and show it in public place where many Indigenous women and girls have gone missing.

Please check for more information, locations of the billboards, and to browse the work of the 50 chosen artists.  The exhibition, exceptional in scale and scope, provides opportunity for the women artists to express their unique interpretations, activism, strength, determination, identity, and culture as they regain their rightful place in our contemporary society.

In her REDress project of 2014, Jamie Black hung red dresses in public places to create awareness of the many missing and murdered women of Canada.  The wearer of the red dress in the above photo is very much alive, symbolic of the vibrancy and connection of Indigenous women.

Jamie’s picture is chosen as she was and is part of the inspiration behind Edmonton’s REdress Photography project which is featured in the Seasons of Life manuscript. will feature its own billboard in Edmonton during the month of August 2018.