Beyond Surviving

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Today I am honoring Survival with excerpts from a longer poem by Edmonton’s Rachel Manichoose.  (Image from Clipart)

You took my innocence before I knew what innocence was                                               I surrendered my sexuality before I could walk                                                              This destroyed me, obliterated my future, and tore my existence apart                     My essence was replaced with a need beyond my years                                                  My pain did not subside                                                                                                                   No matter how many times I allowed others to use my body, I could not find the love I desperately needed              I believed I deserved only pain,      I wanted to have my life taken by another 

Somehow I always woke up, lived to see another day, and carried guilt for surviving       I am finally learning to accept that my life is worth more                              I am learning to forgive myself for allowing others to hurt me                                    I am finally seeing light after the storms            I am taking back my power with each day I open my eyes with purpose and good intentions       

I am healing      I am growing           I am restoring myself from the inside out          I am not what was done to me         I am not powerless anymore                                     I am learning to find my voice        I have survived                                               Scarred, bruised and beaten, but much stronger and more loving                            To me, this is my reconciliation       To me, this is beyond surviving

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your powerful words, and reminding us that transformation is possible.