Faytene TV and me

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Dear readers, Welcome to 2019.  The first month was a blur of activity and emotion.  We had extra company with a family whose son received a heart transplant in December.  Then my husband and I traveled to Manitoba to visit his sister in hospital.  Dealing with serious health challenges in two provinces, even vicariously, was exhausting.  My deepest respect to all family and friends providing support.

Just before our unexpected trip, I received an invitation to be on national TV.

Faytene has been an advocacy worker since 1997 focusing on topics such as human trafficking, racism, poverty, first nations issues, elder abuse, and women’s issues.  Her work has been featured across Canada and she now hosts a social justice commentary on the Christian network Yes TV.

I was not able to confirm arrangements  until we returned home but, miraculously, was still able to book a flight in time to be in Burlington for Jan 28 filming.  It was such an honor to be part of the passion and energy  of Crossroads Studio.

I was asked to speak from my heart and, after considerable reflection, my message was simply to please read my website.  The manuscript and links provide so much more valuable information than I could summarize in ten minutes.  In the meantime, I hope I was able to do justice to my two main causes of MMIW and prevention of sexual exploitation.

I’m not sure yet when my segment will be shown.  Faytene is featured Sunday evenings on Yes TV and can also be followed on You-tube.