Month: November 2019

MMIWG ~ Chap 6: Right to Health

Chapter 6 of the MMIWG Inquiry Report defines health as a human right and examines how the four pathways of colonial violence impacted the health of Indigenous people. When the right health is in jeopardy, so is safety. The first pathway of violence is historical trauma, including multigenerational and intergenerational.   The removal of ancestors from … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 6: Right to Health”

MMIWG ~ Chap 5: Right to Culture

  Part Two of the MMIWG report focuses on Confronting Oppression.  Chapter 5, the first of four in this section, looks at Right to Culture. Culture is defined as the sum total of material and spiritual activities which distinguish a given social group, including their ways of life, language, history, literature, belief systems, ceremonies, environments, and … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 5: Right to Culture”