Happy Birthday in Heaven

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In the early morning hours of December 28, 1974, my beautiful daughter Caralyn Aubrey made her entrance into the world.  Almost too small to survive, and foreshadowing a future not yet known, she was whisked away before we had a chance to know each other.

It’s hard to imagine that was 45 years ago already.  Cara was part of my life for over 22 years and has been with me in spirit now for as long as she was with me in person.  Undaunted spirit, conceived in hope, born with an absent father, we managed the best we knew how.  She brought a depth of light and love to my life that I could not have imagined.  We shared many adventures, and I had the joy of viewing the world through her eyes.

Having a child changes everything!  Being Cara’s mom was the purpose and pleasure of my life until drugs and mental illness darkened our last few years with helplessness and confusion.  One reflection is that the unique beauty of her life far transcends any act of planning or parenting, inadequate or otherwise, and for that I am grateful.   I strive to honor her memory by speaking for other vulnerable young people without a voice.

Rest in peace gentle spirit.  Thank you for the gift of your presence.