Gratitude for 2020

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Reflections for 2020:  Last month I prepared a list of 20 things for which I am grateful.  Three weeks have passed without me finding time to post.  Here, without further ado, they are:

  1. I am grateful for my health.  I beat cancer 40 years ago and have been spared major ailments.
  2. I am grateful for my husband.  After a few less healthy relationships in my younger years, I have enjoyed over 25 years with a kind exceptional man.
  3. I am grateful for our secure and stable life ~ a seemingly fitting reward for decades of hard work and careful spending, but a blessing nevertheless.
  4. I am grateful for our spacious comfortable home and big back yard.  After growing up on the farm, I will never take indoor plumbing for granted.
  5. I am grateful for a diverse extended family (some more than others) and new generations of children who bring unique gifts and enthusiasm.
  6. I am grateful for friends and neighbors over the years who helped provide guidance and a supportive community.
  7. I am grateful for retirement after a rewarding and successful career. My favorite part is being able to wake up without an alarm most days.
  8. I am grateful for reliable transportation and the ability to travel.  I craved urban life growing up on the farm and appreciated many adventures.
  9. I am grateful for personal and professional development.  I have always enjoyed learning and like to explore new ideas.
  10. I am grateful for Super Soul Sunday and inspirational thinkers from around the world who Oprah interviews each week.
  11. I am grateful for all I have learned about the impact of trauma and the power of healing.  I only wish I had known more earlier and hope to be a voice of education.
  12. I am grateful for good books.  I have always been a reader and love to become absorbed in a fascinating story.
  13. I am grateful for my writing group and the wisdom of my lady writer friends.  I am encouraged to be included with such talented companions.
  14. I am grateful for summer sun and winter holidays.  I love to be near the ocean and look forward to opportunities for travel.
  15. I am grateful for Facebook and social media which have provided me with a whole new way of connecting with the world and engaging with new people.
  16. I am grateful for the Power of Positivity and other sites I have discovered that channel inspirational thinking.
  17. I am grateful for my website and all of Cara’s friends who have reached out across the years – from Holyrood days, Nova Scotia, St. Joe’s and Edmonton.
  18. I am grateful for quiet evenings with time for creative reflection and choices of entertainment – reading, writing, or connecting with friends.
  19. I am grateful for morning showers, wrap-around towels, and easy short wash-and-wear hair.
  20. I am grateful for morning coffee, the occasional happy hour beverage, and daily rations of cool refreshing water.