Month: April 2020

MMIWG Chap 11b ~ Calls for Justice

Calls for Justice: (First two paragraphs repeated from 11a.) “As the evidence demonstrates, human rights and Indigenous rights abuses committed and condoned by the Canadian state represent genocide against Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people.  These abuses and violations have resulted in the denial of safety, security, and human dignity.  They are the root causes … Continue reading “MMIWG Chap 11b ~ Calls for Justice”

MMIWG ~ Chap 11a: Valuing Lived & Front-Line Experiences

Chapter 11: Valuing Lived and Front-line Experiences Between October and December 2018, the National Inquiry hosted four Guided Dialogues to identify best practices to increase safety, well-being, and the rights of Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people in Canada.  These were held in four locations across Canada and brought together front-line service providers and community … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 11a: Valuing Lived & Front-Line Experiences”

MMIWG ~ Chap 9: Wellnesss & Healing

The Introduction to Section Three: Healing Families, Communities, and Nations outlines core principles that increase the effectiveness of supports for healing.  These include: valuing wholeness – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs interdisciplinary and systemic approach to services understanding the importance of cultural safety ongoing mandatory training to engage Indigenous communities in culturally safe ways, … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 9: Wellnesss & Healing”

MMIWG Section 3 ~ Healing Families, Communities, and Nations

Dear readers, We are finally ready to move into Volume 1b which focuses on Healing.  The first eight chapters (Volume 1a) are raw and shocking, exposing the systematic discrimination and oppression of Indigenous people in Canada since the time of colonization. Ongoing racism and sexism have resulted in high rates of missing and murdered Indigenous … Continue reading “MMIWG Section 3 ~ Healing Families, Communities, and Nations”