May 5 ~ National Day of Awareness for MMIWG

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Dear Cara, Here you are first home from hospital and circa 1978 – 42 years ago – rocking a red dress & Deena Hinshaw haircut.

On this National Day of Awareness, I would like to take a few moments to reflect on what I wish for all girls and women.

As a child, I wish I had been more grounded in knowing I was loved and that my love in return was a cherished gift.

I wish that my uniqueness had been celebrated, not in isolation, but as part of the marvelous mosaic of human expression that shaped my family, community, and world.

I wish I had the comfort of warm memories and the wisdom of kind elders to guide me when I am feeling confused.

I wish I had been better coached in reciprocity, responsibility and respect so that I would have learned to share more willingly.

I wish my family had been more open and expressive and had developed a genuine caring for each other.

I wish I had been more confident in my full personality as a growing young woman, so I would have been less confused by the physical and emotional changes of adolescence.

I wish I had known more about leadership qualities, rather than being told to develop them.  I wish other people, who supposedly knew more, had explained better what they meant rather than blaming me for perceived deficiencies.

I wish I had been taught about congruence, that we all need to develop our authentic selves as part of our service to the world.

I wish I had been taught about competence, that it is important to learn things to the best of our ability.

I wish I had learned we are all co-creators of our living world and we share stewardship in maintaining its sacredness.

I wish I had learned that kindness is paramount and that frustration can be managed.

I wish I had been confident enough to believe I was worthy of a healthy and secure loving relationship.

I wish I could have better protected you, my beloved daughter, and guided you to a full and joyful life.

I wish to live long enough to leave a positive legacy from your story and meaning from my memories.

I wore red today in honor of all MMIWG and brought new flowers to your symbolic place of peace.