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Christmas Greetings

Greetings of the Season everyone, Dec 14, 2021 This year I am doing double duty – combining my annual letter with a Christmas blog. The year has gone by very quickly in spite of being grounded with Covid for the most part. The reason may be inevitable aging, but most probably it is because I … Continue reading “Christmas Greetings”

The Drone and the REdress Photo

The following story is adapted from my photographer friend, Mufty Mathewson, who began taking Red Dress pictures in early 2015 to honor MMIWG across Canada.  I was fortunate to meet Mufty in October 2015 at a Victims Services conference and have since supported and participated in many Red Dress activities as the Photography Project grew.  … Continue reading “The Drone and the REdress Photo”

February is Family Month

February is Family month and I have been waiting to share these words found on a gift plaque a few years ago.   It is heart-warming and encouraging to meet families who embody and share these values.  Thank you to all who do.   (Author unknown) Family Family means loving unconditionally and without boundaries. It means being … Continue reading “February is Family Month”

Vision for 2021!

  A post from 2016 popped up in my memories Jan 4.  I remember taking this intention to heart and didn’t realize it was so long ago already.  The words that came to me five years ago are credited to Laurel Bleadon-Maffei and were originally posted December 5, 2012, on “One day she decided … Continue reading “Vision for 2021!”

Happy Birthday in Heaven

  My dear little Cara, On the evening before the day of your birth, my thoughts turn back to that magical time of pregnancy.  1974: We attended classes together all fall, you often waking for morning exercise during City Planning, an option of my Social Work program.  As you performed your gymnastic routines, I wondered … Continue reading “Happy Birthday in Heaven”