Missing Cara

The Mission of MissingCara.ca is to inspire readers to work towards the elimination of sexual exploitation.

My Vision is a world where all citizens are treated with dignity, equality, and respect.

My Values are
ADVOCACY – to speak for equality in all circumstances,
HUMILITY – to realize we are products of unchosen heritage,
GENEROSITY – to share my abundance, and
RESOLVE – to honor the human rights of all citizens.

My Goal is to encourage helpful resources and services at community, financial, legal, and political levels for all citizens, especially those less able to help themselves.

Objectives include:

  1. to increase awareness of the challenges facing vulnerable young people who may be prone to addiction or exploitation,
  2. to inspire more accepting and collaborative attitudes in meeting their needs,
  3. to encourage financial support of agencies who provide prevention, escape, and recovery,
  4. to increase awareness of the impact of universal trauma,
  5. to hold offenders legally and morally accountable,
  6. to provide meaningful and appropriate memorials for missing, murdered and devalued women and girls in Canada and around the world,
  7. to encourage healing and reconciliation at all levels of society, and
  8. to inspire all citizens to be vigilant in working towards a just and equal society.