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MMIWG ~ Chap 3: Emphasizing Accountability through Human Rights Tools

Sorry for my delay in posting. Chapter 3 was a relatively easy read.  It starts with a reminder that Indigenous stories lay out principles of respect, reciprocity and interconnectedness.  These themes keep repeating for good measure, lest we forget.  Human rights abuses are manifest in the lack of services and lack of protections afforded Indigenous … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 3: Emphasizing Accountability through Human Rights Tools”

Faytene TV and me

Dear readers, Welcome to 2019.  The first month was a blur of activity and emotion.  We had extra company with a family whose son received a heart transplant in December.  Then my husband and I traveled to Manitoba to visit his sister in hospital.  Dealing with serious health challenges in two provinces, even vicariously, was … Continue reading “Faytene TV and me”