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In Support of Arnold Viersen

Arnold Viersen is an Alberta man (born May 3, 1986) who was elected to Canadian parliament in 2015 and again in 2019 as the Conservative representative for Peace River – Westlock.  In 2016 he called for an examination of the public health effects of online violent and sexually degrading material.  He also emphasized that a … Continue reading “In Support of Arnold Viersen”

Gratitude for 2020

Reflections for 2020:  Last month I prepared a list of 20 things for which I am grateful.  Three weeks have passed without me finding time to post.  Here, without further ado, they are: I am grateful for my health.  I beat cancer 40 years ago and have been spared major ailments. I am grateful for … Continue reading “Gratitude for 2020”

Happy Birthday in Heaven

In the early morning hours of December 28, 1974, my beautiful daughter Caralyn Aubrey made her entrance into the world.  Almost too small to survive, and foreshadowing a future not yet known, she was whisked away before we had a chance to know each other. It’s hard to imagine that was 45 years ago already.  … Continue reading “Happy Birthday in Heaven”

MMIWG ~ Chap 6: Right to Health

Chapter 6 of the MMIWG Inquiry Report defines health as a human right and examines how the four pathways of colonial violence impacted the health of Indigenous people. When the right health is in jeopardy, so is safety. The first pathway of violence is historical trauma, including multigenerational and intergenerational.   The removal of ancestors from … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 6: Right to Health”

MMIWG ~ Chap 5: Right to Culture

  Part Two of the MMIWG report focuses on Confronting Oppression.  Chapter 5, the first of four in this section, looks at Right to Culture. Culture is defined as the sum total of material and spiritual activities which distinguish a given social group, including their ways of life, language, history, literature, belief systems, ceremonies, environments, and … Continue reading “MMIWG ~ Chap 5: Right to Culture”

Visions of Heaphen ~ Project Change

On Thanksgiving weekend, I was honored to take part in a photo shoot sponsored by Shawna Serniak with Every Woman Empowered and photographer Heather Fryer with Visions of Heaphen.  Also participating were April Eve Medicinespiritdancer with Stolen Sisters & Brothers Awareness Movement, Nana Lizotte, Shelley Houle, Orlean Chalifoux Lizotte, and many other supporters.  Makeup by … Continue reading “Visions of Heaphen ~ Project Change”

Sisters in Spirit Remembered

Once again I joined many families to remember and honor our loved ones who are missing and murdered.  The hall was full and posters adorned the wall.  Several family members spoke, others drummed and sang and danced.  October 4 was declared Sisters in Spirit Day in Alberta.  Various politicians urged government to take concerns seriously, … Continue reading “Sisters in Spirit Remembered”

September ~ Coming Home

  After a pleasant week of travel and visiting, I am grateful to be home and ready to settle into autumn activities. I am delighted that my website has a new look, thanks to Lynda my talented designer. The mountain roads of British Columbia and Alberta are magnificent although frightening at times.  It is truly … Continue reading “September ~ Coming Home”