Feb 14: Day of Awareness for MMIWG

Hello again dear readers, February 14, 2024, marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of my website in honor of my daughter, Cara, who died a death that no one deserves. Her young adult life was marred with drug experimentation and intermittent drug-related psychosis  which left her vulnerable to frequent hospitalizations, housing instability,  and exploitation. … Continue reading “Feb 14: Day of Awareness for MMIWG”

Christmas 2023

December 10, 2023 Dear family and friends, Seasons greetings everyone. 2023 was a very full year with the usual highs and lows. As always, we are grateful for time spent with loved ones and the blessings we share. This being my 75th year, I decided to detail most events for posterity along with pictorial records. … Continue reading “Christmas 2023”

Christmas 2022

Once again I am attempting the double duty of a Christmas letter and blog. This year I made the mistake of working in Word first so transfer is presenting challenges. It was a busy year in retrospect as I reviewed my calendar and journal notes. Last names are deleted for privacy sake. Dear family and … Continue reading “Christmas 2022”

25 Years of Ambiguous Loss

Five months already since my last posting. Quick update on the pending manuscript: Second edit was received back April 4 with many developmental suggestions, frustrating that feedback had taken so long. However, we accepted the challenge and agreed to resubmit for July 1, the earliest possible date.  That meant three more months of intense and … Continue reading “25 Years of Ambiguous Loss”

2022 so far

Hello everyone and belated Happy New Year,  The first two months of 2022 have gone so quickly. January was a big push for Andrea and me to complete the first edit of our manuscript. Twenty chapters later, with approximately 100,000 words, I dare to believe we have a potential best-seller with “Buying Sex – Who … Continue reading “2022 so far”