Memoir of a MMIW

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Hello dear readers, Welcome to my blog and website. is a loving tribute to the memory of my daughter who was born December 28, 1974.  Cara survived many difficulties and faced life with an effervescent spirit.  Unfortunately, she became trapped in  the world of drugs as a young adult and disappeared from the streets of Edmonton in August 1997 at the age of 22.  Her spirit continues to guide me.

The challenges Cara experienced in her too short life are shared by many vulnerable young people.  My manuscript started as a personal journal in 2005 and has grown to an advocacy platform for human rights.   As I began to speak in other venues, I wanted to create a more contained memoir and to honour other writers who shared a similar vision.  Now retired, I feel my own days are limited and hope my last breaths will be of  peace, wisdom, and freedom.

My manuscript, Seasons of Life, is presented in four parts along the bottom of the website.  The first two books, Winter and Spring, are available at the time of launch.  The third and fourth, Summer and Autumn, will follow shortly.  Each book is written as a series of daily reflections, with short notations to remember some of the missing and murdered women of Alberta and area on the dates they disappeared or were found.  Please refer to the glossary of names under Missing and Murdered Women on the navigation bar.

I hope my words will make a difference in helping others understand the journey of trauma and grief, dimensions of vulnerability, and the need to address the world-wide evils of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  I encourage readers to donate to agencies who support dignity, freedom, and respect for all women.  Please review the Donate page and give what you can in memory of Cara or any of our lost loved ones.  Thank you.