February is Family Month

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February is Family month and I have been waiting to share these words found on a gift plaque a few years ago.   It is heart-warming and encouraging to meet families who embody and share these values.  Thank you to all who do.   (Author unknown)


Family means loving unconditionally and without boundaries.

It means being forever grateful for one another

and giving each other strength and encouragement.

Family mean forgiving freely and often.

A family shares meals together and

laughs together with joyous hearts.

A family shares moments, sorrows, joys, and dreams.

Family means supporting, respecting, and accepting one another.

It means giving generously and loving unselfishly.

Family is trust and honesty.

Family is compromise and gratitude.

A family strengthens and inspires each other.

It means always having someone who loves you.

It means you are part of something wonderful.