Faytene TV and me

Dear readers, Welcome to 2019.  The first month was a blur of activity and emotion.  We had extra company with a family whose son received a heart transplant in December.  Then my husband and I traveled to Manitoba to visit his sister in hospital.  Dealing with serious health challenges in two provinces, even vicariously, was … Continue reading “Faytene TV and me”

Advent 2018 ~ The First Twelve Days

As darkness continues to shorten our daytime hours, at least in the northern hemisphere, we also prepare to receive new Light and Life after the Winter Solstice.  Reflections are offered for this time of transition. Day 1:  Awareness hopefully leads to action.  I continue Advocacy for the elimination of sexual exploitation, knowing there are many worthy causes.  … Continue reading “Advent 2018 ~ The First Twelve Days”

Beyond Surviving

Today I am honoring Survival with excerpts from a longer poem by Edmonton’s Rachel Manichoose.  (Image from Clipart) You took my innocence before I knew what innocence was                                               I surrendered my sexuality before … Continue reading “Beyond Surviving”